Ikrandraco avatar: New Pteranodontoid Pterosaur
Paleontologists have described a new species of pterosaur that lived in China during the Cretaceous, about 120 millions years ago: Ikrandraco avatar. What sounds like a joke is true: the pterosaur has been named after the dragon-like creatures from James Cameron’s movie Avatar. The name means "Ikran dragon from Avatar".
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Spinosaurus Actually Was a Quadruped Swimmer
Newly discovered fossil bones of the legendary but fragmentary Spinosaurus aegyptiacus reveal that this predator - unlike any other known theropod dinosaur - actually was a quadruped animal highly adapted to a semiaquatic life.
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3 New Jurassic 'Squirrels' Push Mammalian Origin Back to Late Triassic
Paleontologists led by Dr. Jin Meng of the American Museum of Natural History have discovered three new squirrel-like mammals that lived in China during the Jurassic, about 160 million years ago.
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Rukwatitan bisepultus: New Titanosaur From Tanzania
Paleontologists have discovered another new species of titanosaur that lived in Tanzania about 100 million years ago: Rukwatitan bisepultus.
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Nackt-Selfies und die Cloud
Promis, ihre Nacktbilder und warum sie selber schuld sind.
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Get Ready For The Formula E Championship
Yes - the time has come: the all electric Formula E will have its inaugural ePrix on Saturday, 13th of September 2014.
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New Giant Titanosaur From Argentina: Dreadnoughtus schrani
Paleontologists have described a new genus and species of titanosaurian sauropod from Argentina - actually the most complete giant titanosaur that has yet been described: Dreadnoughtus schrani.
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Gran Turismo
Update 1.12 Next Week, With Circuito de la Sierra
GT6 Update 1.12 is coming next week and will finally release the long awaited Zahara de la Sierra track.
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Das Wetter im August 2014
Die Rapperswiler Wetterdaten des vergangenen Monats, erfasst und zusammengefasst von Walter Berger.
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The Origin of Tetrapods
A new study led by Dr. Hans Larsson of McGill University in Montreal shows what might have happened when the first marine vertebrates tried to walk out of the water.
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